Marine Projects Ltd. has at its disposal production sites of over total area of 50 000 m2, including 6 600 m2 of covered halls and workshops. Our shipyard has got five hundred meters  of outfitting quay and building ways allows construction of ships up to 100 meters long. We use moveable building roofs for weather protection.

Due to specific layout of our facilities we have developed our own very successful method of fully controlled ship launching process.

Our Yard facilities are supported by wide scope of technical equipment.
Material transport at the yard is being done with the use of numerous shore cranes. These are supplemented by two self-propelled sheerleg floating cranes ‘Conrad Consul’ and ‘Conrad Goliath’ with the 400 t and 100 t lifting power respectively.

We have at our disposal two numerically controlled water-plasma cutting machine for plates and hydraulic frame bending machine for profiles.

High quality production is facilitated by the use of fully outfitted workshops such as pipe & locksmith’s  shop, mechanical shop and electrical shop.

For see transport Marine Projects Ltd. has at it’s disposal large 3500 t deep sea self-ballasting pontoon ‘Conrad 2’ (60 x 20 x 4.5 m) , smaller coastal 480 t transport pontoon ‘Conrad’ (40 x 10 x 2.0 m).