Floating crane CONRAD CONSUL puts to water a tugboat for the Polish Navy

Floating crane CONRAD CONSUL owned by Marine Projects Ltd. was contracted by Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. for launching operation the new tugboat BOLKO built for the Polish Navy.

On 08.10.2018 the crane CONRAD CONSUL lifted the tug BOLKO from it’s building berth and put it safely to the water in one smooth operation. The weight of the tug with lifting arrangements was abt. 320 t and CONRAD CONSUL is the only floating crane in Poland able to handle such a cargo with a large safety margin.

CONRAD CONSUL is available for work on commercial basis outside it’s mother shipyard Marine Projects Ltd.


rgest floating crane in Poland - the 400 T self-propelled
CONRAD CONSUL comes into service at Marine Projects Ltd.

To enhance its flexibility and production capabilities Marine Projects Ltd. has purchased a self-propelled sheerlegs type floating crane and named it CONRAD CONSUL. The crane after an overhaul and modifications is being introduced into service. The 400 T lifting capacity makes it the strongest floating crane available in Poland. The crane is fitted with two Voith-Schneider cycloidal propellers assuring it the highly precise manoeuvrability, a very important asset during the difficult installation lifting works.

The crane will be generally used to serve the production activities at Marine Projects Ltd., however it will be also available to outside customers for work in the very busy Gdansk-Gdynia harbour area for a separate fee.
Technical characteristics:
Length o.a.             44.82 m;
Breadth                  21.00 m;
Depth                     3.70 m;
Draught                  2.00 m;
Lifting Capacity:      400 T;
Main blocks:           2 x 200 T;
Fly-jib blocks:         2 x 100 T;
Runner blocks:       2 x 5 T. 

Marine Projects LTD Sp. z o. o. realizuje projekt dofinansowany z Funduszy Europejskich.

EU1           EU3

„Technologia węzła wydechu dla silników spalinowych małych i średnich jednostek pływających”

Celem projektu jest kompleksowe opracowanie technologii węzła wydechu z silników spalinowych dla małych i średnich jednostek pływających.
Koszt kwalifikowalny: 6 476 247,41 PLN
Wkład Funduszy Europejskich: 5 504 810,30 PLN


The three-masted barque rigged sail training vessel ‘Le Quy Don’ was built by Polish shipyard Marine Projects Ltd. Sp. z o.o. located in Gdańsk. The ship was designed by the Choreń Design & Consulting led by well known Polish sail ships designer Mr. Z. Choreń. The Vietnamese order placed in 2013 is being commercially handled by Polish Defence Holding.

The ship is currently on her maiden voyage to Vietnam manned by a mixed Polish-Vietnamese crew under command of Capt. Piotr Leszczyński. Starting from Gdańsk on September 27th, 2015, this long voyage will lead the ship around the Cape of Good Hope by the end of August 2015. This will provide the Vietnamese sailors a golden opportunity for extensive training, especially in sails operation, before arrival at their homeport Nha Trang where the Vietnamese Naval Academy - the owner of the ship is located.

The training ship was appropriately named after a famous Vietnamese scholar, poet and philosopher Le Quy Don living in the 18th century.

The ship has the following technical characteristics:

Length o.a. (incl. bowspirit)67.0 m
Length of the hull58.3 m
Breadth10.0 m
Draught4.0 m
Displacement950 t
Auxiliary propulsion (1 CPP)   880 kW
Bow thruster110 kW
Speed (at engine only)12 kn
Sail area1400 m2
Mast height abt.41 m
Crew30 persons
Trainees80 persons
Endurance45 days


For traditional training activities in seamanship, besides the working of sails, the ship is provided with four rowing/sail boats. For training seafarers in modern skills the dedicated computerised classrooms with all necessary facilities have been arranged.

‘Le Quy Don’ is the second large sailing ship built by Marine Projects Ltd., the first being two-masted brigantine ‘Swan Fan Makkum’ (present name ‘Nave Italia’) Recently we have also complete rebuilding and reconstruction of former British three-masted schooner ‘Malcolm Miller’

May you always have wind in your sails
and a hand’s breadth of water under your keel!

Lê Quý Đôṉ!